10% Military discount!

Family Walk To Run and Healthy Nutrition
Perfect prep for the half marathon program, or to jumpstart your new healthy lifestyle.

Sept. 3-Oct. 11 
Wednesdays 6-7pm & Saturdays 8-9am

Beginner Half Marathon Program
Join us, train to run 13.1 miles.  You'll LOVE it. No, really!
Info meeting Tuesday, Oct. 14. 6pm at W. Wetlands Park

Oct 15-Jan 14; 2014/15
Wednesdays 6pm & every other Saturday (starting Oct 25)
Does not include race fees
Preregister and receive an OnTrack Fitness visor!

Boot camp for Beginners
Periodically through out the year.  Upcoming dates will be posted soon!

We're experts in beginner fitness including all of the programs listed to the left. 

All of our programs are geared toward the true beginner.    

Only run when someone is chasing you?
Out of shape?
No idea where or how to start?

You are exactly who these programs are for!  

We'll teach you from the ground up.  You'll learn how to train properly, you'll find out that it doesn't matter if you're slow, if you're overweight or out of shape.  You can still reach your goals.  

It's not really about the exercise.  It's about how taking a leap of faith & doing something you didn't think you could do changes you.  

Completing a goal like these programs builds confidence in all areas of your life.  It's quite wonderful. 

In other words, this is a safe haven for you to learn how to do something you never thought possible.  Train with us and cross that finish line.  It's life changing!

(808) 628-8108