Services: Personal Training

If you live in the Honolulu area, we can provide individual, in-person training at your home, office, in a park or at the beach! This service is ideal for all levels, from beginners to athletes training for competitive events.  Review the options below, then click "Get Started!"

Individual Triathlon & Endurance Training

From sprints to 5Ks, marathons, or half Ironman distance triathlons, we'll meet with you personally to get you ready for your event using the latest science-based training. And we won't over-train either, so on race day you can cross the finish line in the best shape of your life! Want swim lessons only? We can do that, too.


  • Certified trainer in Ironman and ITCA triathlon

  • Customizable program; reserve any any number of sessions

  • Free consultation, goal setting

  • Past training evaluation (for non novice)

  • Guided fitness/LTHR test (when appropriate)

  • Customized periodization (including proper recovery strategy)

  • Pace & gear work for each leg to maximize course pacing

  • Skills and technique evaluation and training

  • Mental training

  • Nutrition & fuel guidance 

  • Taper strategy

  • Race day strategy

  • Final Surge available if you purchase at least 8 sessions & take at least one individual every 2 weeks
    $260 for 4-60minute sessions


Personal Training for General Fitness

We'll meet with you in person, providing encouragement, education, and accountability. We'll support you as you develop a healthy lifestyle that you can maintain on your own, for life!.

  • Free consultation

  • Customized plan based on your goals and needs

  • 30 minute and 60 minute sessions available

  • Minimum of 4 sessions required, but no maximum!

  • Daily written workouts planned just for you

  • Goal setting

  • Technique & skill training

  • Rest, recovery, understanding all components of fitness (optimal fitness)

  • Assessments to track progress

  • Nutritional guidance as needed
    $260 for 4-60minute sessions
    $180 for 4-30minute sesssions

OnTrack Fitness, training in the park
Individual Yoga Sessions

Are you new to Yoga? These in-person sessions with Emily are ideal for you:

  • "Sports yoga" for the beginner or for athletes with tight muscles, seeking greater flexibility.

  • Focused on getting into a pose or stretch, holding for several breaths to allow muscles time to relax.

  • Work on your mind-body connection, learning to listen to the body as we work into each pose.

  • Taught by a certified Sports Yoga coach.
    $260 for 4-60minute sessions
    $180 for 4-30minute sessions

We use

  • Access your training plans 24/7

  • Syncs conveniently to your Smart Watch

  • Automatically uploads your workout stats

  • Allows coach to provide timely feedback