Group Programs

Welcome to our group programs page.  Scroll down to find the program that's just right for your needs.  The group programs we offer are geared for the beginner. You will train, learn & grow with other beginners just like you. We have a blast together in our programs & would love to have you join us!  
If you're not a beginner check our individual training page.

Beginner Triathlon Program

Train for your 1st sprint triathlon with other beginners!  


This is for folks brand new to triathlons: no swim, cycling or run experience needed. That means if you don't know how to do any of it we'll teach you from the beginning & all the way through the finish line. Specifically for people brand new to swim bike & run. If you're not a beginner click here for individual training.


Includes skill & technique work, nutrition & fueling education, periodization, weekly written plan to keep & core strengthening.  Everything you need for a successful triathlon.  This program is a blast!
Train for Honolulu Sprint Triathlon May 10, 2019.  
Training starts January 25, 2020 at Ala Moana beach park. 

We recommend you participate in our biathlon program to get a jump start on multisport.

Mondays & Wednesdays 5:30pm plus every other Saturday 9am. 

We train mostly at Ala Moana, Kapiolani & Waialae parks. If you have questions contact coach Emily at 


You'll have written training for each day via Final Surge (this is free to you). We do expect that you put training for this race top priority over your other workouts you usually do.



Summer Non Beginner Triathlon Program

Continue your triathlon training - build more confidence, fitness & be a part of a positive & supportive team! 

This program is for people who have done at least one triathlon within the past year. But you do not need to be advanced or a specific pace to join us. We won't be training for a specific race, but there are several for you to do as we train & immediately after. Your choice!

Starts Monday, June 10
Ends Saturday, September 14
Every Monday 5:30pm
Every other Saturday 9am; first Saturday June 22 (last Sept 14)
$265 REGISTER BELOW Must preregister by June 1.

This program will work on the "next step" of triathlon. You do need to know how to swim,
bike & run HOWEVER you do not need to be at an advanced level of triathlon. ALL paces & levels welcome 
as long as you've completed at least one triathlon in the past year.
-Swimming in swells, how to navigate through chop & waves. We'll swim at Kaimana, Queen's & Ala Moana beach parks.
-Continued mental training practicing confidence in the water, how to calm nerves.
-How to pace to get the most of your tri swim.
-Continued technique work: catch, pull, kick & review of the basics.
*You need to already know how to freestyle swim in the ocean. Pace does not matter, all paces welcome.

-Hill training & how to get the most out of your gearing on up & down hill.
-HeartRateZone (HRZ) training. You will have the option to do a lactate threshold test on the bike (or run) to get your HR zones & threshold number for more advanced 
-Tactical skills & T1 into bike. Option to learn flying mount/dismount (optional).
-Continued work on basics & optional intro into clipless pedals for those who need it.
*You should be able to know how to cycling and feel comfortable on the road already. Speed does not matter, all speeds welcome.

-Hill training & speedwork.
-Confidence coming off bike & into run; how to pace properly to get the most out of your tri run.
-HRZ training. You'll have the option to do a lactate threshold test on the run (see "bike" for more info).
-Continued work on technique, plus tactical skills & T2 practice.
*You should already be a runner or walk/runner. Pace does not matter, all paces welcome.

Questions? Contact coach Emily at

Ironman 70.3 Program

Train for the Ironman 70.3 Hawaii with us!

Are you ready to swim 1.2 miles, bike 56 miles & run 13.1 miles? You will be ready by race day when you train with Ironman Certified Coach Emily Collins.

We will have SO much fun training for this, but we'll also work smart, train hard & get you optimally fit for the course. 

No 70.3 triathlon experience needed. If this is your first, you are welcome here. If you plan on doing this as a relay, you are also welcome here. 

Jan 15 - May 30 2020 race day. Race is on the Big Island.
Wednesdays at 5:30pm
Every other Saturdays at 9am
$465 Must preregister. Price increases Jan 10

Info meeting prior to first session. We'll meet at Ala Moana beach by lifeguard station 1E. As always questions are welcome.


Contact us via Facebook or contact coach Emily directly at (808) 628-8108

Marathon Program

Train for the Honolulu Marathon. With a solid training plan & dedication, anyone can complete a marathon. The Honolulu Marathon is December 8, 2019.
*This is a 22 week program. This gives us time to have rest weeks & increase mileage slowly..

*Every other Saturday endurance runs starting Saturday, June 29 at 8am. We start with a 1 hour or 6 mile run (whichever is first) at Kapiolani Park. Start time will move to 7am as our mileage increases. We will go to 18-20 miles. You will not have to do any long runs on your own. 

*Every Wednesday 5:30pm at Ala Moana Beach Park for intensity runs & technique work.

*Includes a 3 week taper. Race day is Dec 8.

*Includes fueling education/strategy, pace coaching, mental training & race day strategy. Everything you need to become a marathoner. This is NOT just a group getting together to run. You will have
coaching from endurance coach Emily Collins

*All of your long runs will be within our group training. Coaches will be there as support team for the long runs.

*First time marathoners are welcome. Walk/runners are absolutely welcome. All paces!!

*If you plan on doing the Start to the Park 10k we will open up the last eight weeks for you to train with us but specifically for your event!

*Registration is $375. Link below Must register by June 1st

Questions? Contact coach Emily (808) 628-8108


Sports yoga

We'll be specifically focusing on muscle groups for runners & triathletes BUT our sports yoga class is for anyone. This is a perfect way to keep you strong & limber for your training...and you don't have to know anything about yoga to come to class! 

We'll meet in the grassy area across from the L&L cafe and the pond. This is across from the magic island parking lot. 

Sports yoga is perfect for the triathlete or runner.

Classes are not ongoing; next class series is Monday September 16, 23, 30; 5:30-6:30pm

$30 for all three classes
Ala Moana park between the pond & L&L Cafe

If you only want to participate in one class the price is $10

Contact with questions

Find us on YogaFinder

Biathlon Program

No run or swim experience needed.


This program is beginner friendly! Training is for the Biathlon (run/swim) hosted by Waikiki Swim Club at Ala Moana early January.


Don't know how to swim? Can't run? No problem! We'll teach you. This is a GREAT way to start your multisport lifestyle. We recommend this program prior to our beginner triathlon program.


If you're already a runner/swimmer join us to improve your pace & technique.

This isn't just a group getting together for run & swim. We'll be training you on technique, pacing, breathing, mental training & you'll get a written plan to follow. You'll gain knowledge, improve technique, have fun & meet like minded people.


Mondays 5:30pm & every other Saturdays 9am

Oct 26  - early Jan (race date is TBD but is early Jan) 2019-20 

Ala Moana Beach Park

$300; must preregister; link below

Stay up to date with our Facebook event page

Race distances is a 5k run followed by a 1k swim.

If you have questions contact coach Emily

Swim Clinic

Need some help with your swimming?  No problem, we're here to help you get started or take it to the next level.

Our swim clinic is for two groups:

1) The beginner. This means if you don't know how to swim, we're talking about you. No beginner is too beginner. We've put a lot of little duckies in the water & they've all popped up swimming. YOU can too!

2) The person that is ready to get to the next level. Maybe you can already swim but are frustrated with lack of progress in either speed, comfort or skill. We can help!

Ala Moana beach Saturday September 7, 2019; 11am-12:30pm

$15. Meet by lifeguard station 1E 
*Swim clinic is now full. Check back or contact us for the next clinic*

You are responsible for finding us. Contact us if you need extra directions

Space is limited so we ask that you register early.  

Contact coach Emily with questions or call 808-628-8108 


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