About Our Trainers


OnTrack Fitness is not a gym, we're mobile.  Whether it's in your home or local park, we come to you!


OnTrack Fitness has a passion for guiding people to reach their goals and we work hard to create a safe environment for you to flourish.  


We offer personal training and event training including triathlons for any fitness level individually, and in our group programs we emphasize beginner training -- the "true beginner" as we put it.    


OnTrack Fitness started over 12 years ago on the mainland and we now have the privilege to be exclusively in Honolulu Hawaii.  We can't wait to help you reach goals, create a healthy lifestyle and build confidence through fitness!



Emily Collins, Owner

Emily's credentials include:

ACE certified Personal Trainer

IRONMAN certifited coach 

ITCA certified Triathlon Coach

NESTA certified Sports Yoga Instructor
ACE Fitness Nutrition Specialist (not shown below)

ISSA Endurance Fitness Trainer









Passion for fitness instruction began early in life for Emily, becoming a fitness instructor while still in high school.  Early on she trained in a variety of places including gyms, but felt the focus was not always on the client.  Her dream was to work with people the way it should be -- truly client focused based on their needs, goals and level of fitness.  Thus OnTrack Fitness was born over 12 years ago!


Both her and Matt have a passion for endurance sports including running and triathlon.  They participate in a variety of events from triathlon to marathon, and have been age group winners in races from 5k's to triathlons. They both have a great passion for working with people in these wonderful sports and love guiding the beginner athlete from the ground up.  


As a personal trainer, triathlon coach & sports yoga instructor, Emily is constantly learning and keeping up to date with the latest science for her clients.  She hold's several certifications (see above for list) and can train all fitness levels. She enjoys offering group training to those who are beginners and individual training to all levels.

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Matt Collins, Trainer


Matt is a certified personal trainer through Fitour and enjoys working with runners and triathletes of all levels.  He has a passion for the two sports and loves helping people who are beginners achieve goals they never thought possible.  Matt and Emily oftentimes work together with our group programs to give our groups the best training possible.


While Matt has participated in many sprint and Olympic distance triathlons and a variety of running distances, he is excited to have participated in three 70.3 Ironman & is an Ironman. He completed the Ironman World Championship 2018.  He's a 4 hour marathon finisher.


triathlon coaching in Honolulu & online
Triathlon coaching in Honolulu & online
What some happy clients say:  

Ontrack fitness has introduced me to new world of fitness activities. I have learned how to run more efficiently. Also, I was introduced to freestyle swimming, yoga and TRX. I am grateful for my trainers (Emily and Matt Collins) as they have been nothing but kind and supportive of me!


-- Chris Laoan


""Just wanted to say thank you for this past Saturday. I wasn't really feeling it like I said but you completely changed that and set the tone for the rest of my weekend. I left feeling refreshed and motivated. Not just about swimming but life itself. Anyway I just wanted to say I appreciate you and everything you do"


-- Kevin F.


"Who knew that working out could actually be enjoyable?  We didn’t!  We now look forward to working out 2-3 times per week.


Emily is positive and encouraging while helping each of us reach our full potential. 


The regular fitness assessments prove just how much progress has been made.  As we continue to work with Emily, we challenge ourselves and each other.  Thanks Emily."


 --Tony & Sara Milano

I'm still at awe for accomplishing my 1st 2016 Biathlon race. Never thought in a million years I would learn to swim in open waters yet do 1000 meters. I am so happy to find you Emily - OnTrackFitness. With your nurturing, patience and believing in me, you  helped me beyond my expectations in accomplishing a goal. Now I can cross this off my bucket list and look forward to triathlon training and tri racing with OnTrackFitness.  Thanks Emily and Matt for your dedication, patience and enthusiasm.


-- Medelyn Harkins


"When I started working out with Emily I just wanted to loose my baby weight.  Now I find that I'm in the best shape I have been in since high school. 


I find myself looking forward to workouts instead of dreading them.  I've gone from working out to see a lower number on the scale, to working out because I like the way I feel about myself, inside and out.  I definitely think I have made a change in my life from someone who thought of working out as a chore at the bottom of my to do list, to something that I look forward to doing, as time for myself. Thanks OnTrack Fitness!"  


--Chrissy Mc Comas

You are really a great coach--positive, never off-putting with your knowledge (like those know-it-all types), and caring about your clients and the things that hold individuals back.  So thank you!!!​

--Angie Orr

This morning was my last swimming lesson!! I swam the farthest into the deep I have ever swam to! An amazing feeling! Thank you to Emily and Ontrack Fitness!!


-- Brisa Vazquez


This program is amazing. Emily is the best trainer she truly cares about the person.


-- Ronna Watson


Emily works wonders with beginners. Her kind nature and willingness to be next to you every step of the way really helps motivate.


-- Leah Millikan


As a working mother, trying to squeeze another second from the day that is completely booked solid, having a trainer come to me is a huge benefit.  With the in home training, I don't have to worry about spending more time away from my family.


I also feel I'm getting a more effective session and learning a great deal more about health and nutrition with the one on one time.


--April Mohr