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OnTrack Fitness Videos

Enjoy these FREE workout videos from our trainers, then schedule your own online or in-person session, customized just for you!

Yoga for beginners

16 minutes at the beach in Hawaii, what could be better? De-stress with a rejuvenating "staycation" from the comfort of your home.

A 30 minute yoga video for total body stretch. Great for post workout or everyday practice.

Run dynamic stretches & drills for warmups, then hit the road!.

Multiplanar workout - total body resistance workout in multiple planes, reaches neglected muscle groups. 

A demo workout with exercises for each muscle group (except biceps), with both multi & single joint options. A great overall workout.

No more wasted down-time resting between sets! This workout shows you how to alternate between opposing muscle groups to maximize your time while getting a fantastic resistance workout. 

A lower body resistance training workout you can do at home or in the office.

"Old school" floor aerobics. Get your blood pumping, no equipment needed.

Image by John Doht
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