Video Resources

Enjoy these videos from our trainers

Yoga for beginners

16 minutes in a beautiful Hawaiian setting.

Yoga for beginners

11 minutes in a beautiful Hawaiian setting.

Yoga for beginners

7 minutes

Core exercise: Pike

This is a challenging move for those who are not beginners

Progressive ab exercises

Ready for a challenge?  Try this abwork.

Core exercise: Ab twist

A fun & challenging way to work the core.


Beginner to advanced. A great exercise for runners and triathletes.

Upper body exercise

Upper body workout using just a medicine ball.

Tricep dips

Work the back of your arms with only body weight & a chair.

'Old school aerobics'

Floor aerobics, no equipment needed

Exercises for lower leg

For new runners & triathletes

Postpartum exercises

Learn how to tell if you have diastasis recti and 10 exercises that are safe & effective to strengthen & heal this postpartum condition. 

Run dynamic stretches & drills

Dynamic warmup

Warm up for your run or training with these dynamic stretches and run drills.

These classic exercises are paired so you work opposing muscle groups. Instead of resting between sets of the same exercise, do the exercise for the opposing muscle. You'll maximize your time while getting a fantastic resistance training workout.

Multiplanar workout

Total body resistance workout in multiple planes. 

This is a demo workout that shows exercises for each muscle group (except biceps), with both multi & single joint options. Do these in order, to get a great overall workout.

Lower body workout

Lower body resistance training workout.

This resistance training workout demo combines two exercises to maximize your time & give you a great workout.