Online Training

Personal training & endurance coaching
Online Endurance Coaching

Free consultation


Distance is not a boundary with today's technology.  You will receive the same individual and personalized training from your coach with nothing left to chance.


Goal setting

Past training evaluation (for non novice)

Fitness/LTHR test (when appropriate)

4xmonth 15-30min phone or webcam convo per week if desired
Weekly email correspondence

Periodization (including proper recovery)

Weekly training emailed: Workout description, purpose, training zones/RPE, distances or time performed

Mental training

Nutrition & fuel guidance 

Taper strategy

Race day strategy

Online written training is done via FinalSurge.Com - most smart watches sync with final surge to automatically upload workouts. We can then communicate inside, and I can track your metrics daily.


From sprint to half Ironman triathlon training, all distance run events.

$100 month

Contact coach Emily to get started 

(808) 628-8108

Personal Training
Free Consultation

You don't need to be training for a race to work with us.

Work towards any fitness goal you have with your trainer! Maybe it's general fitness, to get you "ontrack" with a workout routine.


Whatever it is, online training is a great option!

You will receive:

4xmonth 30min webcam training sessions with Emily Collins

Daily written workouts planned for you via*
Fitness assessments (if desired)

Goal setting  & follow up

Nutrition education (if desired)

*If you have a smart watch, most of them can sync with final surge to automatically upload your workouts. I can track your progress & communicate with you inside your daily final surge sessions.


$100 month

Contact coach Emily to get started 

(808) 628-8108

Endurance Race Training Plans Only
Everything you need right at your fingertips

You can also get a pre written train planned based on your goal, written by coach Emily Collins. This is a good option if you want to have a specific written plan to guide you smartly through to your race goal but because of your schedule or location you aren't able to meet. This is also a fantastic option for people who are new to training for an event and want to ease into coaching. 

You can view all of my pre written training plans on my Final Surge page. Prices for each plan are listed there.These are 100% written out by me with great care and detail. You're getting the best of a written plan! Check back often as I'll be writing more plans for different race distances.




Contact coach Emily with questions.