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Services: Personal Training

If you live in the Honolulu area, we can provide individual, in-person training at your home, office, in a park or at the beach! This service is ideal for all levels, from beginners to athletes training for competitive events.  Review the options below, then click "Get Started!"

Individual Triathlon & Endurance Training

From swim only, to 5Ks, marathons, sprints to half Ironman distance triathlons, we'll meet with you personally to get you ready for your event using the latest science-based training. And we won't over-train either, so on race day you can cross the finish line in the best shape of your life! Want swim lessons only? We can do that, too.


  • Certified trainer in Ironman and ITCA triathlon

  • Customizable program; reserve any any number of sessions

  • Free consultation, goal setting

  • Past training evaluation (for non novice)

  • Guided fitness/LTHR test (when appropriate)

  • Customized periodization (including proper recovery strategy)

  • Pace & gear work for each leg to maximize course pacing

  • Skills and technique evaluation and training

  • Mental training

  • Nutrition & fuel guidance 

  • Taper strategy

  • Race day strategy

  • Final Surge available if you purchase at least 8 sessions & take at least one individual every 2 weeks
    $260 for 4-60minute sessions
    $180 for 4-30minute sessions (30minute sessions for swim only)


*You have the option to do a full program of triathlon or endurance training, or individual sessions for part of your training. For example, many people want to do swim lessons only. 

Personal Training for General Fitness

We'll meet with you in person, providing encouragement, education, and accountability. We'll support you as you develop a healthy lifestyle that you can maintain on your own, for life!.

  • Free consultation

  • Customized plan based on your goals and needs

  • 30 minute and 60 minute sessions available

  • Minimum of 4 sessions required, but no maximum!

  • Daily written workouts planned just for you

  • Goal setting

  • Technique & skill training

  • Rest, recovery, understanding all components of fitness (optimal fitness)

  • Assessments to track progress

  • Nutritional guidance as needed
    $260 for 4-60minute sessions
    $180 for 4-30minute sesssions

OnTrack Fitness, training in the park
Individual Yoga Sessions

Are you new to Yoga? These in-person sessions with Emily are ideal for you:

  • "Sports yoga" for the beginner or for athletes with tight muscles, seeking greater flexibility.

  • Focused on getting into a pose or stretch, holding for several breaths to allow muscles time to relax.

  • Work on your mind-body connection, learning to listen to the body as we work into each pose.

  • Taught by a certified Sports Yoga coach.
    $260 for 4-60minute sessions
    $180 for 4-30minute sessions

We use

  • Access your training plans 24/7

  • Syncs conveniently to your Smart Watch

  • Automatically uploads your workout stats

  • Allows coach to provide timely feedback

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