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Services: Group Training

If you live in the Honolulu area and are a beginner who would like to train, learn and grow with others at the same level, our group training may be right for you! Review the options below, then click "Get Started!"

OnTrack Fitness Swim Team
Beginner Triathlon Coaching

 Train with other beginners for your first sprint triathlon! No swim, cycling or running experience necessary; we'll teach you everything from start to finish.


Includes twice weekly in person coaching, daily written plan via Final Surge (included in price), skill and technique, nutrition and fueling education, periodization, mental skills training and core strengthening. Everything you need for a successful triathlon!

This is not just a group getting together to work out. This is a full periodized, coached training program for you to learn, train & become a triathlete by your certified triathlon coach, Emily Collins.

January 17-May 19, 2023 (race day)

Wed 5:30pm & Sat 9am

$500 (price increases Jan 3)

Go to our Facebook event page to register & to stay in the loop

See our summer triathlon program below!

Resistance training program

What is it:
This program will go over the basics & details of resistance training. This is great for people who are exercisers but aren't confident with lifting weights, don't know how to set goals or work toward them, & want to understand their different options available for resistance training (whether that's at home or at a gym). You'll learn the best techniques, how to set goals, adjust workouts & MUCH more!

What if I'm beginner?
We want you! You don't need to lift weights now but we do think it's a good idea that you're already active & healthy enough to lift weights (that we provide). 

If you're ready to have fun & get an awesome workout, we want you! Much more detail is provided in our Facebook event page (& link to register). Please contact us if you have further questions.

$200 for 12 weeks

Every Tuesday 5:30-6:30pm Triangle park

contact for details & to register


This class is for anyone, even if you know nothing about yoga! We especially focus on muscle groups for runners and triathletes, so it's a perfect way to keep strong and limber for your training, or just to relax and care for yourself.

We offer Intro to Yin Yoga, no experience needed.

Classes are on pause until the end of 2023. But coach Emily does teach a weekly cat yoga class at Popoki & Tea so be sure to contact them if you want to join!


$20 for 4 weekly sessions

Contact us to register

Beginner Biathlon Coaching

A great way to start your multisport lifestyle! Beginner-friendly running and swimming training. We'll train you on technique, pacing, breathing, mental discipline, and provide you with a written plan to follow. You'll gain knowledge, improve your technique, meet like-minded people and have a blast! And when you complete a 5K run followed by a 1K swim, you'll feel like you can do anything! 

We offer this at the end of the year.

Wednesdays 5:30pm & Saturdays 9am at Ala Moana beach

$150 must preregister
Missed it? No worries, we have this program every year. We also have beginner triathlon & lots of other options to choose from.

Swim Clinic

Whether you're just starting or want to take your skills to the next level, we're here to help! No beginner is "too beginner"--we have taught many people to swim and we can teach you! If you can swim but feel frustrated with your level of speed, comfort or skill, we'll show you what to do to make progress again. Join us at gorgeous Ala Moana beach!

Next swim clinic is late 2023

$15 for one day 1.5hour clinic

Summer Triathlon Coaching

Our "summer tri program" is not geared toward a specific race. This coaching is for people who want to increase their triathlon fitness, skills, and knowledge. 

2023 program is currently in progress. Contact coach Emily if you would like to join our next one.

Mindful & Performance Coaching
We're thrilled to start offering performance & mindfulness classes to you! Classes will start in 2023, and will be available for anyone - athletes, actors, musicians, professionals - anyone who wants to become more mindful and learn techniques to improve (& ENJOY) their performance.


Contact coach Emily if you would like to be on the list for our first classes!

We use

  • Access your training plans 24/7

  • Syncs conveniently to your Smart Watch

  • Automatically uploads your workout stats

  • Allows coach to provide timely feedback

Marathon Training

With a solid training plan & dedication, anyone can complete a marathon! This 22 week program increases your mileage slowly, giving your body time to rest. First-time marathoners, walk/runners of all paces are welcome! Program includes:

  • Endurance runs gradually increasing from 6 miles to 20 miles.

  • Intensity runs, technique work

  • Fueling education and strategy

  • Pace coaching

  • Mental training

  • Race day strategy


This program will resume in 2024

Training for the Honolulu Marathon

$375 for the entire 23 week program - first time marathoners & walk/runners welcome!

Visit our Facebook event page for additional details with link to register

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