Services: Group Training

If you live in the Honolulu area and are a beginner who would like to train, learn and grow with others at the same level, our group training may be right for you! Review the options below, then click "Get Started!"

Monthly Training

A brand new offering during Covid! This non-beginner level training will help the client who has a basic foundation in running, biking and swimming stay in shape and ready to compete as soon as pandemic restrictions are lifted! A great choice for general fitness as well. 
Prices vary depending on how many times per week we meet
$60 once weekly
$120 twice weekly; contact for details

Sports Yoga

This class is for anyone, even if you know nothing about yoga! We especially focus on muscle groups for runners and triathletes, so it's a perfect way to keep strong and limber for your training, or just to relax and care for yourself.

$60 for 4 weekly 1hour sessions

Swim Clinic

Whether you're just starting or want to take your skills to the next level, we're here to help! No beginner is "too beginner"--we have taught many people to swim and we can teach you! If you can swim but feel frustrated with your level of speed, comfort or skill, we'll show you what to do to make progress again. Join us at gorgeous Ala Moana beach!

Saturday, November 20; 9-10:30am

$15 for one day 1.5hour clinic

OnTrack Fitness Swim Team
Note: due to Covid-19 mandates the programs below are suspended for 2021. We want to get back out there with you as soon as safely possible! Contact us for updates!  
Beginner Biathlon Coaching

A great way to start your multisport lifestyle! Beginner-friendly running and swimming training. We'll train you on technique, pacing, breathing, mental discipline, and provide you with a written plan to follow. You'll gain knowledge, improve your technique, meet like-minded people and have a blast! And when you complete a 5K run followed by a 1K swim, you'll feel like you can do anything! 

Beginner Triathlon Coaching

The perfect follow up to our Beginner Biathlon Training program. Train with other beginners for your first sprint triathlon! No swim, cycling or running experience necessary; we'll teach you everything from start to finish. Includes weekly written plan, skill and technique, nutrition and fueling education, periodization, and core strengthening. Everything you need for a successful triathlon!

Ironman 70.3 Training

Are you ready to swim 1.2 miles, bike 56 miles, and run 13.1 miles? You will be by race day when you train with Ironman Certified Coach Emily Collins. We will have fun, but we will also work smart, train hard, and get you optimally fit for the course. First-timers and those who plan to compete as part of a relay are welcome.

Marathon Training

With a solid training plan & dedication, anyone can complete a marathon! This 22 week program increases your mileage slowly, giving your body time to rest. First-time marathoners, walk/runners of all paces are welcome! Program includes:

  • Endurance runs gradually increasing from 6 miles to 20 miles.

  • Intensity runs, technique work

  • Fueling education and strategy

  • Pace coaching

  • Mental training

  • Race day strategy

We use

  • Access your training plans 24/7

  • Syncs conveniently to your Smart Watch

  • Automatically uploads your workout stats

  • Allows coach to provide timely feedback